Oh, hi there! I'm Manik Kalra.

I am a programmer, gadget freak and a computer nerd. I enjoy building websites and iOS mobile applications. I love working in C/C++ & Objective-C, and also am experienced with a myriad of other languages like Java, HTML/CSS, Python, Javascript and even a little of low-level x86 Assembly.

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Work Experience

I am always on the lookout for new challenges and oppurtunities to further enhance my skills.

Software Engineering Intern

Tegile Systems

Worked on a TDPS (Tegile Data Protection Service) module. Wrote a Bloom Filter in C (2MB buffer/1-bit per hash) for the module, optimized and performed benchmarks using various databases like BerkeleyDB, Google’s LevelDB and SQLite.

Student Web-App Developer

Purdue University

Assisted the Purdue I.T.A.P. (Information Technology at Purdue) team perform maintenance on existing web applications (Hotseat, Passport) and develop new features using Visual Studio, C#, HTML5/CSS3 & JavaScript (.NET)

Freelance and Cosultancy Work


Built interactive, Wordpress-based websites for clients using HTML5/CSS3 and gave cosultations on web hosting, CMS, performance, creation and management of domain-based email accounts, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


I love to code in my free time, and building new things has always fascinated me.
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Clear Currency iOS Application

I have designed and built a minimalistic currency converter for the iOS platform that parses latest conversion data from JSON format using Yahoo's financial API. It allows users to select a base currency and compare it with multiple currencies. Open Source and available on GitHub.

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Multiple Projects in C & C++

I have written multiple programs, including a stock exchange program, with Buy/Sell/Change commands, storing them in hash maps and updating the program according to the modified market state. Also wrote an implementation of a C-based UNIX shell, and a basic HTTP web server.

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