Oh, hi there! I'm Manik Kalra.

I am a programmer, gadget freak and a computer nerd. I enjoy building web and mobile applications, and am especially fascinated with the iOS platform. I love working in C/C++ and Objective-C, and also am experienced with a myriad of other languages like Java, HTML/CSS, Python, Javascript and even low-level x86 Assembly

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Work Experience

I am always on the lookout for new challenges and oppurtunities to further enhance my skills.

Software Engineering Intern

Tegile Systems

I have recently accepted a summer internship at Tegile Systems, a company specializing in high performance data storage

Student Web-App Developer

Purdue University

I assisted the Purdue web/app team perform maintenance and develop new technologies using C#, HTML5, JavaScript and .NET

Freelance and Cosultancy Work


I have built interactive websites for clients using HTML and CSS and content management systems like Wordpress


I love to code in my free time, and building new things has always fascinated me.
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Clear Currency iOS Application

I have designed and built a minimalistic currency converter for the iOS platform that parses latest conversion data from JSON format using Yahoo's financial API. It allows users to select a base currency and compare it with multiple currencies. Open Source and available on GitHub.

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Punjab Police Mail iOS Application

I built this app to help people get connected with the right department of the Punjab Police via mail. It allows users to select a location closest to their area of need, and fetches the contact information of the Police Stations nearby. Available on the App Store soon.

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Wordpress-Based Interactive Websites

I have created interactive websites using Wordpress, HTML and CSS for multiple clients. I also looked over the web hosting, domain records, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and creating domain based email accounts, mapping them to use Microsoft's Outlook mail servers.

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You can email me at manikkalra2@gmail.com