A little about me...

I am a currently a Computer Science major at Purdue University, specializing in Software Engineering. I enjoy building iOS mobile applications and web development. I love to discover and learn about new technologies. I like working in Objective-C & C/C++, and also am experienced with a myriad of other languages like Java, HTML/CSS, Python, Javascript and even a little of low-level x86 Assembly.

Professional work experience...

Tegile Systems

Software Engineering Intern

Worked on a TDPS (Tegile Data Protection Service) module (Cannot specify due to NDA). Wrote a Bloom Filter in C, an algorithm designed to reduce lookups and increase read/write performance on a data structure, for the module. Optimized and performed benchmarks on the module by integrating different databases like BerkeleyDB, Google’s LevelDB and SQLite.

Information Technology At Purdue

Student Web Application Developer

Assisted the Purdue I.T.A.P. (Information Technology at Purdue) team perform maintenance on existing web applications (Hotseat, Passport) and develop new features using Visual Studio, C#, HTML5/CSS3 & JavaScript (.NET).

Trishla Builders

I.T./Web Consultant

Helped set up the I.T. infrastructure and built a new, improved and interactive website for the firm using HTML5/CSS3, and a CMS to manage the content. Consulted on good and reliable web hosting, installed appropriate plugins for better performance and did SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Projects I have done...

Relisten iOS Application

Extended the existing suite of native iguana-ios applications created by Alec Gorge. Added multiple artist support for live streaming shows from archive.org using the iguana API. Also added user accounts and playlist support. Built using Objective-C, and various popular 3rd party libraries like JSONModel and AFNetworking. Code available on GitHub.

Clear Currency iOS Application

Created a minimalistic currency converting iPhone application that utilizes Yahoo’s financial API service to request latest conversion data in JSON, and parses it to get the latest currency rates. Written in Objective-C using Xcode and the Cocoa Touch framework. Open source and available on GitHub.

Freelance Work

Created interactive websites using Wordpress, HTML and CSS for multiple clients. In addition, looked over the web hosting, domain records, the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and creating domain based email accounts, mapping them to use Microsoft's Outlook mail servers.

C/C++ Projects

Wrote multiple programs for class projects, including a stock exchange program, with Buy/Sell/Change commands, storing them in hash maps and updating the program according to the modified market state. Also extended the existing filesystem of the Xinu operating system, wrote an implementation of a C-based UNIX shell, and a basic HTTP web server.

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